On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 05:48:26PM -0700, gahn wrote:
> hi:
> how could i fix the default boot option in dual-boot
> mode?
> i have a machine with both windows xp and freebsd 6.1.
> it works fine with freebsd boot manager (wiht optios
> of f1 for xp and f2 for freebsd when it starts). but i
> would like to fix the default mode for freebsd; ie, if
> i don't make a choice on either f1 or f2 keys, then
> system automatically boots up as freebsd machine.

AFAIK, the FreeBSD loader sets the boot flag on the selected partition,
so that becomes the default at next boot.  I don't think it can do what
you want.  However, you might try grub or any of the other boot managers
in the ports, or simply use the WinXP loader.  It's easy enough to set

If both WinXP and FreeBSD are installed on the same disk, copy
/boot/boot1 to, say, C:\BOOTSECT.BSD.  If they're on different devices,
then you'll need to copy /boot/boot0 instead, BUT DON'T GET THIS WRONG!
Then change the "default" line to read


and add this to the [operating systems] section:


And you're set.


Daniel Bye

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