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> Thanks. I found my problem. (Sysinstall, aka fdisk, won't do more that
> BTW, anybody have any good advice on how to manage a large file system?
The single most important thing missing for me in FreeBSD is a journalling
file system as I would use it on every box.

What exactly does a journaling file system give you? As I understand
it, it doesn't prevent corruption and it doesn't help you fix the
corruption when it occurs.

You don't need to do anything more to manage big file systems per se. How
big a file system are you going to create? What are you going to use it for?
That might help with suggestions.

File server. It's a Promise VTrak M300p, SCSI attached storage.
Frankly I'm more worried about the system crashing than the storage
device ( UPS, battery pack for the RAID controller, redundant power
supplies ).

2.5TB file system, used mostly for archival storage. Of the initial
2.0TB of data, I expect only about 2-3% to change on a weekly basis.

I have another 1.5TB Fiber Channel cabinet that I plan on using to
store roaming profiles ( for MS Win uers) and home drives (for *nix

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