Gerard Seibert wrote:
> I have not been able to get printing working on this PC. By accident. I
> noticed that the ::1 port does not seem to be available. I tried this
> command:
> ~ $ telnet localhost 25
> Trying ::1...
> telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
> Trying
> Connected to localhost.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> 220 ESMTP Postfix (2.4-20060727)
> quit
> 221 2.0.0 Bye
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> As you can see, it says that the connection was refused. Is this normal?
> I thought that ::1 and localhost were always available.

Only if you enable IPv6.  ie. you put:


into /etc/rc.conf.  That will cause each of your interfaces to have at least
a link-local IPv6 address configured, and lo0 will get the ::1 address applied
to it.  See /etc/rc.d/ip6addrctl /etc/rc.d/network_ipv6 for the gory details.



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