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how could i fix the default boot option in dual-boot

i have a machine with both windows xp and freebsd 6.1.
it works fine with freebsd boot manager (wiht optios
of f1 for xp and f2 for freebsd when it starts). but i
would like to fix the default mode for freebsd; ie, if
i don't make a choice on either f1 or f2 keys, then
system automatically boots up as freebsd machine.

boot0 will boot into the same OS as the last time automatically, so you don't need to do anything to boot into FreeBSD, if you had booted into FreeBSD the last time.

If you want to *always* boot into FreeBSD, irrespective of the choice you made the last time, you can use the boot0cfg(8) utility to stop boot0 from remembering the last choice and stick to the stored default. Untested:

# boot0cfg -o noupdate -s2


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