On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, Paul Schmehl wrote:

Marc, I have a couple of questions.

You use hostname and IP as a unique identifier for each host. For that reason, I have not submitted any of our systems. We use FreeBSD for sensitive security-related tasks, and we're loath to reveal that information. (When I submit or update ports, I always alter the uname information to "hostname.utdallas.edu" for that reason.)

Can you tell me exactly what you do with those two pieces of data? Is there any way that information would be accessible from the internet?

Absolutely nothing else we do with it ... it just gives us a unique key to work with ... in fact, assuming each of your servers use a different IP, there is no reason you couldn't do the uname trick above to hide the hostname ...

Unless someone breaks into the server, or database, somehow, the data isn't accessible ...

Finally, it looks like your number one problem is going to be maintainence. Right now you're showing a ".x" and a "F.x" release. Not sure if that's tampering or what, but it's obviously not legit. You also have a sudden influx of hosts from Armenia. Again, don't know if they're legit or not, but keeping up with that stuff is going to require eyes-on type manual labor. I hope you've planned for that.

Have planned for it, and, in fact, am going to be making a couple of extra changes to the schema to allow for cleaning it up easier ...

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