On Wed, 9 Aug 2006, Vahan Yerkanian wrote:

Paul Schmehl wrote:
Finally, it looks like your number one problem is going to be maintainence. Right now you're showing a ".x" and a "F.x" release. Not sure if that's tampering or what, but it's obviously not legit. You also have a sudden influx of hosts from Armenia. Again, don't know if they're legit or not, but keeping up with that stuff is going to require eyes-on type manual labor. I hope you've planned for that.

Ehm, actually something's really wrong :)

Armenia         331     28.24%

shouldn't be that much, I think I installed it on 4 servers :)

Yup, it was someone else from Armenia that it looks like modified the script and submitted all of their 'virtual hosts' as well as 'the server itself' ... although it does make the stats look good, please keep it to one entry per server (or even one per VPS, since that will then have a distinct IP) but not per virtual host :)

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