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Ross Penner wrote:

> how do you drop to single user mode? I just know how to get there at
> boot time.
> Thanks.
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>     ross wrote:
>     > so it seems changed root login's shell to /usr/bin/bash which
>     > exist. now I can't login to root at all. Oh yes, sudo isn't
>     installed. How
>     > would you grand masters of FreeBSD fix my embarrasing mistake.
>     Dunno if any grand masters are about, but maybe I can help with this

>     one.
>       - drop to single user mode: `shutdown now`
>       - when prompted for a shell, type /bin/sh
>       - `vipw /etc/passwd` and (carefully) change root's shell to
>       - type `exit` at the shell prompt to return from single user mode

Normally you just do what I said, `shutdown now` as root, but I guess
you can't do that in your situation. (Silly me.) So just reboot into
single user mode instead, and follow the rest of the steps.

Good luck,

interestingly, by hitting the power button on the front, it went through
the shutdown process without root permissions.

I followed your steps but the problem remains. The /etc/passwd file is
edited but I still can't logon as root. When I changed the shell initially,
I used chpass. I
also tried changeing the /etc/master.passwd file to no avail.
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