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Apparently you're using the sasldb2 database for logins?  If so, the
sasldb2 database needs to be readable by postfix, and it has to be
populated with the [EMAIL PROTECTED] that you need.  Have you populated
the db?

You would probably be better off using saslauthd as your
pwcheck_method.  Then start saslauthd with the -a sasldb flag.  (See
  man 8 saslauthd.)  Auxprop is an older method that wasn't very

Thanks, that is what I did. I had to modify the
/usr/local/lib/smtpd.conf file, but that was about it.

Glad to hear it.

I do have one question though. The rc.d file has 'pam' listed rather
than sasldb for the '-a ' flag. I changed it there although the
directions said not too. Is there any reason that changing it in the rc.d
file is a bad thing?

Not a bad thing, but when the port gets updated, your changes will be overwritten. Instead, use /etc/rc.conf:
saslauthd_flags="-a sasldb"

I could not figure out what it meant to do
otherwise. Was I suppose to create another file that would override that
one? If so, what was the syntax of the file suppose to be? Anyway, it
works, so that is all I am really interested in at the moment.

In general, you want to put variables for startup scripts in /etc/rc.conf, rather than editing the individual startup files. The startup scripts will source the /etc/rc.conf file and get the values of those variables and use them when they run.

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