Matthias Apitz wrote:

Our central mail server is Exchange (please no comments :-))

On my FreeBSD notebook I'm using as MUA mutt, fetchmail with
IMAP to get the e-mail and sendmail to send mail over to the
Exchange, so far so good and I'm happy with it.

Btw: one could even access the INBOX with something like
$ mutt -f imap://server/
but fetchmail is better, I think.

The only problem is access to common address books. Is there
some IMAP-client in the ports or elsewhere for FreeBSD for fetching
the address books from the Exchange server? Or does anybody know
how to do this speaking IMAP with telnet like:

Assuming you have a legitimate account, any LDAP browser *should* be able to grab the address books. This assumes (although I haven't tried it) that you could set up an addressbook using LDAP and the DC and get your addressbooks. (I believe Exchange's GAL is just a pointer to the DC's schema and data.)

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