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Marc G. Fournier wrote:
On Wed, 9 Aug 2006, Igor Robul wrote:

On Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 09:30:42PM -0300, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
Could create problems long term .. one thing I will be using the
IPs to do is:

SELECT ip, count(1) FROM systems GROUP BY ip ORDER BY count DESC;

to look for any 'abnormalities' like todays with Armenia ...

hashing it would make stuff like that fairly difficult ...
You can make _two_ hashes and then concatenate to form unique key.
Then you still be able to see "a lot of single IPs". Personaly, I dont
care very much about IP/hostname disclosure :-)

Except that you are disclosing that each and every time you send out an email, or hit a web site ... :)

The systems I'm concerned about are on private IP space, to not send email and don't have X installed, much less a web browser and can only access certain FreeBSD sites to update ports. In fact, they're not even accessible from *inside* our network except from certain hosts. In order to successfully run the stats script on these hosts, I would have to open a hole in the firewall to bsdstats.hub.org on the correct port.

And yes, I *am* paranoid. But if you really want *all* statistics you can get, then you'll have to deal with us paranoid types. My workstation, which is on a public IP, is already registered.

Done ... now I really hope that the US stats rise, maybe? I have a hard time believing that Russia and the Ukraine have more deployments then the 'good ol'US of A' ... or do they? *raised eyebrow*

Here is what is now stored in the database (using my IP as a basis)

# select * from systems where ip = md5('');
id | ip | hostname | operating_system | release | architecture | country | report_date ------+----------------------------------+----------------------------------+------------------+------------+--------------+---------+---------------------------
 1295 | 45c80b9266a5a6683eee9c9798bd6575 | 4a9110019f2ca076407ed838bf190017 | 
FreeBSD          | 6.1-RC1    | i386         | CA      | 2006-08-09 
    1 | 45c80b9266a5a6683eee9c9798bd6575 | 9a45e58ab9535d89f0a7d2092b816364 | 
FreeBSD          | 6.1-STABLE | i386         | CA      | 2006-08-09 

And yup, I have two hosts sitting behind a router ...

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