Nikolas Britton wrote:
> I still like my idea the best for unique keys. It's a better way to
> detect hosts behind NATs, here it is again, four versions to pick
> from:
> # ifconfig | sha256
> cbcc2f55a340c248af7e8a10871150d827af11d7051bbc782eefa04b0603248b
> # ifconfig | sha1
> b607b9d45e6ad40c02ab20800e0d70245ab6db68
> # ifconfig | md5
> 22a2a3eca61166fb113f1a688b3dd842
> # ifconfig | cksum
> 3977021799 540
> The only down side is it still can be faked, just like everything else.

ifconfig output is by no means constant on a single host. Eg. Take my
laptop; the media, status and ssid lines will change pretty often on my
wireless nic. I mean several times during one session.

Why not hash just the hostname? Or MAC-address? Of course these could
also be fabricated, but you can't possibly avoid that as long as this is
open source. (And the protocol would be pretty easy to reverse engineer

How 'bout?

        $ ifconfig | grep ether | md5

This will change whenever one adds, removes or replaces a nic, though.

        Svein Halvor

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