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In this scenario, siteA has several applications running on several windows servers which are behind the FreeBSD box. The challenge is to allow siteB to access these applications securely via the WAN setup. VPN comes straight to mind, but this is a new area to me.

OpenVPN certainly fits your requirements. Besides a routed connection between two sides, it also offers a bridged setup, so it is ideally suited for connecting two Windows-centric networks.

We use it at work for home VPNs as well as road warriors, configuration is straightforward, and performance is absolutely acceptable.

IPSec has been mentioned before; I've had trouble understanding the configuration and how to diagnose problems. We did get it to work in the office, but only with a lot of trial and error. isakmpd and racoon are... idiosyncratic, to be polite.

vtun has had major security issues in the past, so I would be wary, but I haven't looked into it for the past two years.

pfSense is a FreeBSD-based firewall/routing OS, so you'd need to replace your existing FreeBSD routers with it, or add additional boxes.


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