Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Ummm... given that there's no 'rm' capability in this printcap I guess you
> must be using Samba to communicate with the remote windows printer.  If so,
> then that printcap looks fine.  Well, setting lp=/dev/null seems to cause 
> some complaints, but that should just be cosmetic.
> I'd start looking for problems in the Samba setup.  Can you use smbclient to
> connect to the printserver machine via Samba using the credentials you gave
> in the apsfilter setup?  Does it show that you have access to the shared
> printer there?
> Double check the contents of /usr/local/etc/apsfilter/SETUP.cfg and the
> apsfilterrc files in that directory and it's sub-directories.  
> Also, is there anything interesting in the log file /var/spool/lpd/lp/log ?

Nothing other than this from the lpd-errs file produced when

     'checkpc -fV' 

is run.


Aug  9 13:06:09 scorpio checkpc[6018]: lp: Checkwrite: fcntl F_SETFL of
'/dev/null' failed - Inappropriate ioctl for device

Aug  9 17:18:57 scorpio checkpc[14219]: lp: Checkwrite: fcntl F_SETFL of
'/dev/null' failed - Inappropriate ioctl for device

I can connect using smbclient without any problems. The problem is not
there. The is just not connection with the print server, and that is
what I cannot understand.

I had the same problem with an install of 5.4. One day that message
started being printed in the log and I could no longer print. I was
forced to do a total reinstall of the OS. I really believe that the
'/dev/null' thing is the key to this, but I do not have a clue how to go
about fixing it. I have a bad feeling that I am going to have to do a
total reinstall of the OS. With KDE, OpenOffice etc., that will take

Unless you have a better idea Matthew, I will probably go that route
this weekend. I do not need another over sized paper weight.

Gerard Seibert

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