John Kimble wrote:
Hello everyone.
I am looking into buying a cheap notebook computer (sub $800, the cheaper the better). I have been playing around with FreeBSD for the last few months and have decided to make it my sole OS, so I really want a notebook that's as FreeBSD-compatible as possible. I know ThinkPad's the best for Linux (I would expect the same for FreeBSD), but as they are a little out of my price range ;) I was wondering if you guys had some other suggestions.

Depends on what your budget is. I paid $1600 last year for a spiffy T42 with a great 14" SXGA LCD. The "Express" models on Lenovo's site are the cheaper versions You can score a T20, 21, 22 or 23 on eBay really cheap, and still get a decent CPU with X support, so don't assume they come at a premium cause you might miss out on a decent machine with the best keyboard around.

I personally don't run FBSD on it as I have yet to see a successful implementation of sleep/hybernate. So far, only Ubuntu Linux seems to support it in a stable way, but I replaced Windows XP's explorer.exe with Blackbox4Windows and cygwin, so its almost like using a unix box with a decent window manager.

- Darek

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