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> The root directory of the filesystem mounted determines the ownership
> and access rights on it.  By default, newfs will assign is to root
> and set the rights to 0755.  You'll need to chown the directory to
> the desired user.


Yeah.... I noticed that. If I become root, and chown the mounted floppy to 
bob:bob, then on all subsequent mounts of that particular media bob has write 
access; but ONLY after root intervention.

What this means however, is that I can NOT set up a work-station where the 
user has no root access, and expect that user to effectively use the floppy 
drive. What a pain! The user can format, mount, and read; but until the media 
is choned to her/him, by root,  they can't write.  I didn't have this problem 
with Linux.
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