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What about chowning the permissions on /dev/fd0 to be root:floppyusers,

I went so far as chown bob:bob /dev/fd0 But after newfs get's through with the new floppy, it's chowned to root.
add a group floppyusers to /etc/group and make bob a member of that group.
Chmod 664 /dev/fd0

Went down that road as well; created a group called "mounters", added bob to it.... no good! I even copied newfs to /home/bob/bin, put home/bob/bin first in the PATH, made that newfs setuid/setgid bob no effect :-( Root wants to own the newly created file system no matter who formatted or created it.

Unfortunately I don't have any machines with floppy drives to test with.

I personally don't have a need for floppy drives either; but I am setting up a dozen W/S to replace WINDOWZ in an office environment, and people expect to be able to use their floppies (especially with the GUI tools in KDE 3.5). I am hoping to use freebsd instead of Linux; which has become hard to maintain in long-term use because of things like libraries changing so often. The lack of "Library-Hell" in freebsd is refreshing. I guess "floppy-hell" is better than Library-hell :-) Floppy support is pretty bad on freebsd! I made the mistake of ejecting a mounted floppy yesterday; total system lock-up! I mean it was power off/on time! Not good! Bob

One possible workaround is to use msdosfs instead of ufs. Seems to work fine for my regular user account. But I agree that floppy support sucks. Try accidentally mounting a write-protected floppy as rw. You get a flood of errors that cannot be cleared without a reboot.

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