I know this was asked once before. I can't recall if it had received a response or not. If so, tell me to go digging.

Otherwise, I have a server that is a dual Zeon 2.8 and I have the hyperthreading enabled within the bios. When I use top, it shows one of the CPU's as apparently not being used. Why is this?

  13 root  171  52   0K   8K CPU1  0   0:00 99.85% idle: cpu1 <-- This one
  11 root  171  52   0K   8K RUN   3 383.1H 61.38% idle: cpu3
  14 root  171  52   0K   8K RUN   0 403.4H 61.13% idle: cpu0
  12 root  171  52   0K   8K RUN   2 333.4H 49.95% idle: cpu2

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