Stefan Bethke wrote:
Am 10.08.2006 um 11:09 schrieb Roberto Nunnari:

Stefan Bethke wrote:
Am 10.08.2006 um 08:38 schrieb Roberto Nunnari:
Hello everybody.

Just a short question: Why top doesn't any more show what
processes use the CPU? I mean.. 0.0% idle and the sum of the
processes CPU doesn't reach 1.0%..

as an example, while make buildkernel top shows:
Because the cc processes are too short lived to consistently show up when top is scanning the process table?

Ok.. but as idle CPU shows 0.0%, there should be a way of getting
the processes that finished already living but caused that 0.0% idle..

What if your users are running lot of short lived processes?
How can you find them out?

You can't with current FreeBSD tools.

Efforts are underway to port DTrace from Solaris, which allows gathering information like this, among many other interesting things.


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Ok. Thank you Stefan.

Best regards.

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