Robin Becker wrote:
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Sure they're not the same. They belong to a different OS!
The first are linux libraries, the second thos of FreeBSD.

hmmm, I thought they both come from Xorg, it's obvious that different systems might apply different patches, but in practice shouldn't there be just one copy of on any given system?

Sure. You would only need one copy of the X11 libraries if you only run native FreeBSD apps. If you want to run Linux apps, well, you need the Linux shared libraries those apps depend on.

Presumably my KDE is operating with the freeBSD patched one so why should linux compatible apps use a different version?

Because the C library and system calls available under FreeBSD and Linux are different...? Take a look at the source for BSD libc and GNU libc, or run "nm" on the shared libraries and compare the symbol tables for yourself.

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