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This is quite old, things have changed.

> 1. mount_nfs is complaining. It cannot update mounttab. However, the
> mounttab is in /var/db and /var is not mounted yet. Is there a nice way
> to supress these annoying messages?

This is a chicken-egg problem - you try to mount a filesystem /var, but
nfsclient wants to record the mount in /var/db/mounttab first, and this
is not writeable - and shouldn't be as other clients would use the same
file. The path to mounttab is hardcoded in the mounttab.h file.

The easy solution seems to be to let  FreeBSD boot without your custom
rc script and use the ones provided in the standard distribution. Then
the client will figure out it is diskless and do what is "appropriate":

The client will create memory file systems for /var and /tmp if these
are not writeable. Once you have the writable /var you can mount other
nfs partitions easily.

As far as I understand this is silly: The point of mounttab is to notify
the server on a reboot after a crash. But if the information is stored
on a memory file system then it is lost on a crash. There seems to be no
way to disable the mounttab.

You might really want to share /var among your diskless clients - then
you only have one locate database to maintain, by default stored in

The only thing that cannot be shared AFAIK is /var/run and /var/tmp. You
can link these to /tmp. /tmp need not be very big - 1 MB should do - so
it may be ok to have that as an memory file system. Then all that
remains is to hack mounttab.h to store the mounttab file on /tmp.

> 2. syslogd tells that it cannot open the pid file. (Operation not
> supported)  However, it creates /var/log/ But that file is
> empty. What can be the problem?

Are you sure it is created? Check on the server. Anyway, the problem
will likely be solved once you get 1) solved.

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