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> One possible workaround is to use msdosfs instead of ufs. Seems to work
> fine for my regular user account. But I agree that floppy support sucks.
> Try accidentally mounting a write-protected floppy as rw. You get a
> flood of errors that cannot be cleared without a reboot.


If we are intent to ween people off Micro$h|t, we have to take care of the
"little things". It's hard to sell an alternative, when that alternative barfs
on a simple thing like Floppy-Use. 
The "big" stuff is in place already; M$ cpmpatibilitynin WP, Spread-sheets, 
mail... etc. is already far better than M$. It is the small crap, liike 
Floppy drive use, which makes the "conversion" a problem!
The open-source community have to get their act together, and realize
that main-stream users will gladly switch to FreeBsd/Linux when and ONLY
when all the basics are working.
For a geek, these "problems" are trivial; for a WindowZ idiot, these thjings
are what kills a sale, and maintains Wind0WZ dominance in user-space.

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