I try mount my windows partition as following
mount_ntfs -C ISO-8859-2 -u anuser -g ganuser -m 540 /dev/ad0s1 /c

but with this is one problem - files are set execution flag e.g
-r-xr-----  0 anuser  ganuser  672 Jan  8  2006 file.txt

folders are ok and I have acces to folders.
dr-xr-----  0 anuser  ganuser  0 Jul 20 22:28 samba

How I should mount this partition to obtain on files no execution flag e.g.
-r--r-----  0 anuser  ganuser  672 Jan  8  2006 file.txt
(or how set right acces something like this -r-Xr----- ? X - only on folders)

but on folders it should be as before.

Is it possible with mount_ntfs?
Thanks in advance.

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