Hello list,


I seem to be having a problem with pam_krb5.so.  It works fine on console
logins.  However, when I ssh into my freebsd server from another computer,
tickets are not issued.  I have uncommented the pam_krb5.so entries in the
sshd pam file.  Otherwise, the sshd pam file has been left stock.  I know I
have a working kerberos install because kinit, klist, and kdestory all work.
What might I have missed?  I have left the sshd_config unchanged.  Any
guidance would be appreciated.  I have even added a host principle for the
client and still no effect.  The strange thing is that there are no errors
being thrown to /var/log/messages or /var/log/security.  If anyone else has
seen this, I would really like some insight.




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