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Hello Chris,

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Lastly surely someone has implemented a trash folder mechanism for
freebsd... what is it called so I can look up how to install it?

maybe something like:

mkdir ~/.trash
alias rm     'mv -iv \!* ~/.trash/'

You don't have a handy solution for the lack of file version numbering as well?
That's something I'd love to see in ext4 or UFS3!



Isn't a snapshot a filesystem wide thing? Sounds to complicated for file-level versioning without something on top of it like the new Apple Time Machine business

I agree it would be nice to have file versioning in the FS like VMS does.


Yeah, snapshots are FS-wide.
If you make one once a day it's almost the same as a FS VMS feature.

No, VM creates a new version of a file for each edit. So you would have to create a snapshot after each edit, so you only get 20 edits. And using the versioned files is not easy or intuitive since you have to play around with a new "FS" for each one, the snapshot.


You can have a total of 20 snapshots, so that's 20 days...

Snapshots really aren't that complicated, take a look at the handbook entry: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ snapshots.html

Basicly it's just:
# mknap_ffs /usr 20060812
And you have a snapshot of /usr named 20060812

Also, there's a port which offers some usefull scripts

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