On Sat, 12 Aug 2006, Jonathan Horne wrote:

* Can we trust Marc to delete them?

Won't be anything to delete ... except for any time I need to debug the server end, the logs will be set to /dev/null ...

* I thought this was going to be an official FreeBSD project hosted on

Since this is meant to provide stats for *BSD, not just FreeBSD, I've setup bsdstats.org as a more 'neutral' site ...

* Maybe we should get the OpenBSD people involved?

I've sent Theo an email, and never heard back ... in fact, I've sent emails to the NetBSD, OpenBSD *and* DragonFlyBSD camps, and the only one that answered back with any sort of interest was the DF-BSD camp, and I have some mods to add to v3.0 to satisfy Matt's requirements to have it actually put into their base operating system ... and that one is simple, he just wants some sort of 'connectivity check' put in place ....

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