On our lab's and my private FreeBSD box I installed several applications, in particular php-5.1.4, apache 2.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.24, in separate directories targeting to separate software partitions. MySQL is installed via ports-collection, but I always must change PREFIX and the DATABASEDIR manually to point to the right directory. PHP and Apache is installed by meself without ports support.

Keeping track on updates and security issues I would like to use the portupgrade facilities, but everytime I fetch an update or new version, my once setup prefixes and directory settings get lost and I need to do this by hand again (concerns MySQL). This prevents me installing and updating things automatically and this bothers me.

The point is that I do not want some specific ports in the regular /usr/local pathways, especially MySQL, PHP and Apache. I need separate pathes. I would like to do automatic updates via portsnap/portupgrade, but I need to set PREFIX and DBDIR permanently for specific ports, not being overridden by the next portsnap fetch and upgrade.

Can you give hints, tips or just a 'no-go' in this concern? Thanks a lot,
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