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On Sat, Aug 12, 2006 at 11:55:14PM -0300, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

Since this is meant to provide stats for *BSD, not just FreeBSD, I've
setup bsdstats.org as a more 'neutral' site ...
Maybe you need to move data from bsdstats.hub.org to bsdstats.org?
Because now there is bsdstats.hub.org with 1764 reported systems and
there is a bsdstats.org with 22 reported systems. So question ... which
one is correct? And will v2.x scripts report to correct one next month?

As I just posted in another thread ... :) pre-v3.x scripts will not work with the new DB backend ... we've changed alot to a) eliminate storing any "sensitive information" and b) reduce the # of fetches that have to happen to do the reporting ...

I've just put a redirect in from bsdstats.hub.org -> bsdstats.org, so that ppl aren't confused from that perspective ...

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