On 8/14/06, Ivan Levchenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello Gilberto,

No, that wouldn't work, there is no sense in adding a nat rule to the
internal interface.

I just found out why it didn't work. All this time, I was using active
ftp on my ubuntu box. when i switched to passive, it all worked like a
charm. found it on some forum archive .. forgot the link. on linux the
env setting for passive ftp doesn't work.. .i never knew that.. you
have you add -p to the ftp command or start it using pftp..

On 8/14/06, Gilberto Villani Brito <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Try using this rule:
> nat on $int_if from any to any port 21 -> port 8021
> Gilberto
> 2006/8/13, Ivan Levchenko < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> Hi everybody,
> having some troubles with ftp-proxy on my gateway at home: the darn
> thing gets me connected to an outside ftp server, but won't let me do
> anything else with it.
> the gateway computer is freebsd (it is running pf with nat to share
> and secure a pppoe connection); the client computer is running kubuntu
> 6.06.
> any help (the right keyword to google with will be nice too!!!) will be
> great!

I'm happilly using pftpx with no problems :-)


Joao Barros
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