On Monday 14 August 2006 08:19, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> Over the past few days, I've been working with Paul Schmehl and Matthew
> Seaman to come up with a more "security sensitive" version of BSDstats ...
> one that reduces the amount of "sensitive information" stored in the
> database down to ... zero.  No IPs, no hostnames ...
> This new version also reduces the number of 'network fetches' down to 4
> for the first run, and 3 for subsequent runs, so it runs a bit faster, and
> talks across the network less.
> And, finally, this one has its own domain for check in server ...
> None of the pre-v3.x clients can talk to the v3.x server, since the DB
> format has totally changed, so everyone needs to grab the latest version
> and run it so that we can re-sync the database properly ...
> >From now forward, the stats will be viewable from:
>           http://www.bsdstats.org
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i noticed the percentages columns, they definatly make the information all 
that more fascinating.  would it be possible to segregate the far right 
column by release, and show what percentages of the 6.1s are stable, p3, p2, 
release?  etc etc?  that column as it sits is still good information (so im 
not suggesting dumping it), but i would like to see another section to break 
out the versions, by percentages.

my 2 cents, :)
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