On Mon, Aug 14, 2006, Chris wrote:
>My Video card is an old origional Geforce 256 SDR.   I am experiencing 
>horizontal streaking in graphics and text mode.  But after fouling 
>around in X11 it's very noticable.  I thought it might be the scan rate 
>but text mode doesn't have a high scan rate by default.  The monitor is 
>fine.  And why I am using a KVM I get the same results connecting the 
>monitor directly to the video card.  I'm thinking it's the video card in 
>conjunction with the mothboard because I never had any trouble with that 
>card before.  Any ideas?

Most of the problems I've seen like this when using KVM switches
are due to flakey cables< usually el-cheapo KVM cables.

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