Perry Hutchison wrote:
Do you get the FreeBSD boot menu ?

No.  The BIOS clears the screen and loads the boot sector, then nothing.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but I can say I've installed FreeBSD x.y on just about every flavor of Dell hardware without much trouble, so it should work for you. Disclaimer: the Dimension line is highly variable re: component types, chip versions and overall quality, so all bets are off there, even though all the pieces are generally "mainstream hardware".

Did you install using the default/suggested disk geometry and slice arrangement, or did you try to tune things as the installer went along?

Try this: Reinstall, and if prompted about disk geometry problems just let the installer do what it wants to. When prompted to choose a disk location to install to, choose "A" for "Use Entire Disk", and when prompted to slice up that disk area, choose "A" again for "Auto Defaults". When prompted for a boot manager, choose to install the FreeBSD MBR.

If you already did this, then FreeBSD or your BIOS is probably confused about proper disk geometry (got the latest BIOS for this box?).

But if the default settings work and your custom tuning efforts don't, well... maybe you're confused about FreeBSD disk needs or the use of the proper use of the installer for slicing. Study the defaults and try installing again, and if you still have problems describe to the list the end result you're trying to achieve by your tuning.


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