I have multiple problems related to APCI and the ICH6 bus on a Sony VAIO:

- A standard setup doesn't work, having enabled both ACPI and APIC the
system grinds to a halt with CPU 85% on interrupts. Disabling APIC
solved the problem.

- APCI with all enabled causes the system to be unstable and crash hard:
No panic, no page fault, no kernel dump or other debug. Disabling
pci_link and the system becomes stable.

Yet stuff doesn't quite work out of the box:

- USB doesn't work, simple stuff like usb mouse or usb keyrings are not
found if inserted after boot, and does not work properly if inserted before.

- The cardbus devices are created, inserted card is not found although
works fine on my other laptop.

- The wireless (Intel 2200BG) causes an interrupt storm when configured,
and then fails - it was solved setting interrupt in loader.conf.

Since this stuff is so buggy, it seems I have to configure everything by
hand :( and I really need some hints or techniques on how to guess
things right.

I have tried enabling debugging, built a GENERIC kernel with extra
debugging enabled and building the acpi.ko with debug enabled as
described in the handbook. I see a lot of GPE event related errors - but
have no clue as to what causes these or how to solve them.

The handbook mentions how to dump the existing ACPI tables and ASL and
load custom tables - so in theory I should be able to modify and fix it
- but it gives no clue to the magic within. Any hints?

Also, if I have to set hardware parameters manually for all devices, are
there any technique to "guess right"?

Thanks, Erik

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