On Tuesday 15 August 2006 11:46, perikillo wrote:
> Hi people.
>    Im setup hylafax on freebsd 6.1-p3, the server is running, now
> is time to test the clients.
>   I read in the handbook of hylafax about some web-clients, i
> search on my ports but didnt see any of this programs:
>     * AvantFAX
>     * Hermesfree
>     * IGSuite
>     * Movifax
>     * Nweb2fax
>    We some web-clients programs for hylafax on freebsd? I prefer to
> have web clients for the users, i think is more independent.
I've just setup Hylafax for the first time and decided to go with the 
Email -> Fax Gateway as it was simpler to just send an email.  You 
might want to try porting one of the above programs.  Movifax might 
be the best candidate since it is just PHP.

Anish Mistry
AM Productions http://am-productions.biz/

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