On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 05:05:03PM -0600, Robin Damm wrote:
> I'm assuming the client eventually obtains a lease.

Actually, this was the odd thing.  It didn't obtain a new lease at
bootup -- it actually used a cached lease (ie, couldn't contact the DHCP
server but fell back to what it usually used).

> Does the problem persist if you manually release/renew the IP?
>   # dhclient -r
>   # dhclient ep0
> A cache problem perhaps? 

If I did this after it used the cached lease it actually started talking
to the DHCP server, so, yes, you were correct here.

  I've actually solved the problem now.  I can't understand quite what
I'd done wrong (because it was working earlier).  For some reason I
hadn't changed the default media for the if from 10baseT/UTP to
10base2/BNC -- although it should have done so in the startup scripts.
Instead, I've now got /sbin/ifconfig ep0 media 10base2/BNC in
/etc/dhclient-enter-hooks, which gets executed _before_ dhclient starts
searching.  It all works fine now.

  Sorry for bothering everybody, it might have been a mistake on my


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