Chuck Swiger wrote:
 > Nikolas Britton wrote:
 > > No I don't know of any USB keyboards with volume control... I'm picky
 > > about my keyboards... Most of them are old DEC, Compaq, and IBM
 > > keyboards with the standard key layout... I think the keys on most new
 > > keyboards are too soft etc. I'd like to get my hands on an old IBM
 > > buckling spring keyboard.
 > They are still being made by a company called "Unicomp", at  
 >  I'm not sure about their model names, but the  
 > 101- & 104-key keyboards are outstanding.  I believe they are still  
 > only making PS/2 models, not USB variants, unfortunately...

You can use PS/2-to-USB converters; they cost 15 Euros
around here.  I'm using one of those to connect my good
old Logitech TrackMan Marble FX (which only existed in
PS/2 and serial versions) to my USB-only notebook.

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