>       I have a -stable box that I would like to bridge ethernet across 2 of 3
> interfaces.  If I read the man page correctly, all I have to do is set
> net.link.ether.bridge to 1 and set net.link.ether.bridge_cfg to a comma-
> seperated list of interfaces.  Eg
> sysctl net.link.ether.bridge_cfg=dc0:0,dc1:0
> would bridge ethernet across dc0 and dc1.

you would also want:
 net.inet.ip.forwarding: 1

so that packets get forwarded between the interfaces. and then if you plan to
use IPFW over the bridge you would want:
 net.link.ether.bridge_ipfw: 1

or if you are using a fairly recent -stable you can use ipfilter over the
bridge with:
 net.link.ether.bridge_ipf: 1


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