Hi --

I need to purchase a handheld laser scanner (for a market) and I
would like it to work with FreeBSD, as that is the OS I plan on
installing there (preferably, if I can - I want to avoid Linux, if

I found this, that claims to work "out of the box". Apparently, there
is this interface called Keyboard Wedge.

"Keyboard Wedge is the simplest and best way to connect the scanner to
a regular desk top computer. There is no software to install, just
connect in the keyboard circuit and start scanning. Works with ALL
applications and ALL Operating Systems running on industry standard
architecture PCs- Windows, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Unix etc."


Anyone know anything about this interface and how its integrated in FreeBSD?

There's some info here: http://www.csensors.com/kbdwedge.html

Anyway, I'm looking for a scanner the works on FreeBSD.


Henry Lenzi

PS: Anyone in *Brazil* purchased one? Please get in contact.
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