>          Looking for a guide online somewhere that will walk me through
> setting up a mail server with the following items on it.
> SpamAssassin
> Postfix (pop3 and smtp setup)
> MySQL (for database driven mail user administration)
> MyPHPAdmin (to visually admin the database)
> Squirrelmail (for webmail)
> Apache (for squirrelmail)
> Dovecot Imap (for squirrelmail)
> Postfix Admin <- this is the reason for the need to have a mysql driven
> mail user database.  It's apparently required for this to work.  Plus
> database driven user management tends to be easier.  Of course, if you
> know
> of a better way to graphically admin mail users without using a database,
> I'm all ears.  :)
> And lastly, some kind of web based server admin page that's similar to
> webmin, but more secure.

Here is a guide for Gentoo Linux that addresses most, if not all of your

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