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> Hi;
> I upgraded my box  on the other side of the planet and things went pretty 
> well. I can ssh in and the Web sites serve. However, qmail is down and I 
> tried to nmap and both gave me the same errors from having deleted the old 
> libraries (as someone suggested I do). Here are at least some of the 
> libraries I need to rebuild:
> libpcap.so.3
> ld-elf.so.1
> libc.so.5
> How do I do this?

You can install the compat5x port for now, but beyond the short term
you should rebuild those ports so they are 6.x native binaries; after
updating to a new major release of FreeBSD you have to rebuild *all*
ports to avoid certain problems from a mixed 5.x/6.x system


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