On 8/17/06, Clinton Gibson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
hello i having some major trouble getting this freebsd server to work with
my windows 2000 network.   i have one machine with the freebsd, two windows
2000 client computers tring to email each other threw the freebsd machine
using outlook and a windows 2000 server with AD and DNS on it.  i was asked
to get the outlooks to talk to each other and i have finally just come to
the conclusion that im am lost.  is there any help that may be able to give
me or at least guide me in the right direction where i might be able to
start figuring this out.

First thing you need to do is find out what you were asked to do. Do
they want to send email back and forth? Do they want to share
calendars? contact? notes? journal? All of the above?

If you just need to send email back and forth all you need is a mail
service. I imagine you already have one since you were able to post
your question.

If you need to share calendars, contacts, etc. in MS Outlook I'm
afraid you are (almost completely) out of luck. There are a few
applications under development target at that functionality
(OpenExchange for one); but if you are stuck with MS Outlook you are
pretty much stuck with MS Exchange. Hope you have a large expense

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