On 8/19/06, Viswas Nair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have 2 machines at work:
Machine 1: Windows OS running on Network 1
Machine 2: FreeBSD running on Network 2 (recently setup)

I have 1 machine at home:
Single machine with Windows XP and FreeBSD (recently installed)

Before I had BSD installed at home and office , I used to access my Windows
PC at work using the Cisco VPN client and Remote destop from windows at
But now, I want to be able to access Machines 1 & 2 at work using BSD at
home (no more Windows XP unless desperate)

I spoke to the IT admin and got a Cisco VPN client for linux. They didnt
have one for BSD. There was one for Solaris and Mac OSX though. Now I need
to setup vpn to connect to my windows box at work as well as the BSD box
that runs on the second network from my FBSD OS at home.

I have no clue how to get this done. If you can suggest any ideas, it will
be greatly appreciated.

You got to get more info from the admin. What device serves
as the VPN server? Do you use certificate? Anyway, try
security/vpnc from ports.
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