On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 03:52:13PM -0500, conrad sobol wrote:
> survived some major problems with other operating systems. I have run
> and used:Fedora Core, Xandros, Ubuntu, installed Debian, DesktopBSD, and
> PCBSD; but, my dream is to run FreeBSD, but I have to be connected to
> the Internet to conduct personal business. What must I know to configure
> sbcglobal.net to operate FreeBSD. And, do you think I need to learn a

If you have used the operating systems you listed, then you should be
able to use FreeBSD! First, there's the handbook. It's just plain good,
and it covers most all of the things you'll need to know. Second, see if
there are local user groups for FreeBSD or *BSD. Third, you've come to
the right place to ask questions.

What, exactly, are the problems you're having with DHCP and sbcglobal,
and what sort of connection do you have? Modem, DSL?

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