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> Hi all,
> I met with a developer of the Real Player at Linux World. She says
> they would *love* to port a native version of the Real player to
> FreeBSD. Yay! She even showed me that they have an older FreeBSD dev
> environment set up and are ready to start to try compiling it for
> release after we get it up to date.

Yay ! Good work :)

> We need a couple of FreeBSD experts to assist with 
> questions/expertise/feedback to make sure this gets finished ;-)
> Please send me your name/email off list and I'll reply to her with a 
> shortlist of who can help them.

Since it's great to volunteer others ;-) maybe netchild@ (cc'ed) has
time for this ?

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> Also, we're currently only running nightly builds for the stable
> branch on FreeBSD.  Do you think we should be running the current
> branch as well?  That's where all the new functionality is going -
> like playlists and Windows Media (ahem.. if you have a license for
> it).  Depending on how long porting work takes, FreeBSD may want to
> just skip the currently released player and go for all the new
> technology.

From our point of view it would be no problem to have both in the Ports
Tree (The second as -devel).

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