Gerard Seibert wrote:
Noah wrote:

I am running portmanager and updating all dependencies along the way. I am finding that perl gets updated to the system version. I want to keep it to version 5.8. . FreeBSD4-11 is my OS.

so in order to get portmanager to stop updating perl do I add the following to /usr/local/etc/portmanager/pm-020.conf

---- snip ---


--- snip ---

will that work?

It should work. I have it configured to ignore JAVA and OpenOfice. It
just issues a message in the log that the port is being ignored.

Out of curiosity, why can you not run a newer version of Perl on that OS?

I am running the newest version of PERL. I am running perl 5.8.8 which is the latets port. for some reason when I am running portmanager and update dependencies it wants to reverts perl back to the system perl. any clues how to keep perl updated but not set to the system port?



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