Gerard Seibert wrote:
On Sunday 20 August 2006 17:40, Noah wrote:
 am running portmanager with the following switches "portmanager -u -f
-l -y"
 which is building all the dependencies.  I find that perl is set to the
system version of 5.003 .   I do not want this behavior.

I want to keep updating Perl to the newer version and I want perl to
always be set to the latest port which is currently 5.8.8.  what do I
need to change in my portmanager.conf file to make sure this happens?

I thought that portmanager did that automatically. Anyway, in the pkg-message file, there is a notation about 'use.perl port'. That is located in /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8/files directory. However, you will need to chmod it to get it to run. There is also the 'perl-after-upgrade' file there that I believe replaces the 'use.perl' program. I may be wrong about that though. In any case, read the man on 'perl-after-upgrade' and run it. That might correct the problem. Perhaps someone else know more about the 'use.perl' program.


Okay I am looking at these files. I am looking for something that automatically executes a 'use.perl port' after upgrading or reinstalling perl. It is most probable that I will always want the latest perl port active.

I cant figure out how to do that from the documentation and/or files you have sent to me.



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