I want to configure sendmail for incoming mail.

I want to funnel all mail destined for a specific domain to a catchall

On my FreeBSD 5.3 box I looked in /etc/mail/

I found this file:


and studied it.

I made this file:


I put 1 line in it:   catchall

I want ...
any mail sent to
to land here /var/mail/catchall

I assume I am using the right syntax; true?

Anyway, I bounced sendmail with the Makefile I
found in /etc/mail

When I send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
the mail just ends up in the dead.letter file
of the sender.

When I send mail to a valid user, the mail
does get delivered to the right file in /var/mail/

So, how do I setup a catchall mail account?

I sense that I'm supposed to do this via

but maybe I'm putting in the wrong syntax or
I need to configure some other file.

If you have any tips for me,
please send them to me.

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