I'd suggest you install bittorrent on a pc which has a burner.

Then, every time you dial up, you will down load a small piece of
the freebsd cd.

After 2 or 3 weeks , you will have the entire freebsd cd.

This is different than ftp which only works well with a high speed

So, once you have bittorrent installed on your pc , you will find
the freebsd 6.1 .torrent file here:

I try to use bittorrent for all my downloads now.

It is superior to ftp and is almost as easy to use once you have
the client installed and you have used it a few times.


On 12/31/89, Sergio Milardovich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi!, my name is sergio and i`m from Argentina, i and too many people in
my city was interested in use freebsd but we haven`t got a hight
internet conection, so can you send me to Argentina some freeBSD cd`s?,
these are the directions:
postal code: 2176
adress: san martin 378
city villada
country: Argentina
State/province: Santa Fe
I`m waiting your answer.

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