excellent advice.

I now have 2 lines in virtusertable

[EMAIL PROTECTED] catchall catchall

Inside of /etc/mail...
I then ran

make all

Then I ran

make restart

Now, anything sent to ,
lands in /var/mail/catchall

I'm happy.



On 8/20/06, Greg Groth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Dan Bikle wrote:
> Yes,
> I used /usr/sbin/adduser to create an account named catchall.
> And if I send e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> <mailto: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> ,
> the e-mail does appear in /var/mail/catchall
> Does anyone out there know how to tinker with the configuration of
> incoming mail on FreeBSD ??
> -Dan

Do you have any other addresses defined in virtusertable?  I've run into
problems in the past where a catchall address would not work if it was
the only defined.  So in my experience, you should have at least two
addresses defined in virtusertable like so:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]         someuser                 catchall

Also, did you rehash virtusertable after you added the entries?  If not,
cd into /etc/mail and run 'make all' and then 'make restart'.  If you
did all the above, and it's still not working, check /var/log/maillog
for any indications as to what's going wrong.

Best regards,
Greg Groth

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