On Monday 21 August 2006 09:25, beno wrote:
> I successfully rebuilt FreeBSD from 5.3 to 6.1. However, when I ran
> portmanager -u
> my server went into an infinite loop! It kept reinstalling Bind and I
> think Perl. I don't think it installed anything more than that. I had
> run this command:
> make delete-old-libs
> but also had added the lib diff file between 5 and 6 (forget its name)
> so I had most of my lib files that I needed, and everything seems to be
> running okay. Then again, maybe I've missed something.
> Why did this command create an infinite loop (that lasted 6 hours before
> I killed it)? Is there a better program/command I should use? How do I
> d/l that program?
> TIA,

Do you have the latest version of 'portmanager' installed? There was an older 
version that had this bug, but it was fixed.

I would recommend that you update your ports and then make sure you have the 
latest version of 'portmanager' installed. Then run:

        portmanager -u -f -l -y

That will create a log file "/var/log/portmanager.log" that you can inspect 
later to see what happened if it goes into an infinite loop again,


Gerard Seibert

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