In the last episode (Aug 21), Chris Knipe said:
Disks   ad0                               ofod            intrn
KB/t  16.83                               %slo-z    35456 buf
tps     103                             4 tfree       414 dirtybuf
MB/s   1.70                                         20988 desiredvnodes
% busy   98                                          5247 numvnodes
                                                    4223 freevnodes

Got 1 ATA100 Seagate 120GB disk in there at the moment.... 1.7MB/s at
98% busy?  Surely, that figure is WAY low???  I'd expect atleast
about 10MB/s on ATA100.

That number's about right for random I/O and small blocksizes, which is
what the KB/t field shows.  If you were doing sequential I/O, the KB/t
field would be at or near 128.  Are you also running a "du", "cvs
update", or other command likely to be doing random disk accesses?

ALTER TABLE on a 200MB mySQL table? I guess its time for a dedicated disk then....

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